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up next on a second look, moments of thankfulness during this thanksgiving season. a little girl rescued after two days in a well pipe in texas. a young couple found alive after more than a week stranded in the snow. a man saved from kidnappers. and a man who survived after
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jumping from the golden gate bridge who found new life after his failed suicide attempt. all tonight on a second look. i'm julie haener. tonight we revisit people who have had extraordinary moments to be thankful for in their lives. in october of 1987 the nation was gripped by the story of an 18 -month-old girl that was stuck in a pipe in texas. she came to be known as jessica. crews worked furiously to try to rescue her. >> to the cheers and applause of hundreds of volunteers here in midland texas and perhaps millions around the world. 18 month old jessica mcclure
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was lifted to the surface wednesday night. there were bandages on her head and perhaps a brace on her leg. but after more than 50 hours, 22 feet below ground this baby looked great. she was quickly rushed to the hospital to be check out. but for the past three days and nights, this little doll has surprised and impressed everyone. she has cried, hummed and sung her way into the hearts of the volunteers who have come from all around to help. >> she would move her left foot or whatever, she could push her body some what. her hands were next to her head. doubled up like this with the right food next to the right side of her head. and she just, she didn't like the pulling. she told me no once. and griping at me but once we got close, just took off. that, she's out. >> what this baby needs is for her mother to hold her in her
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arms and i think that's the best therapy this child could possibly have. >> reporter: with determination, sweat, and prayer jessica was freed. hoisted up in the arms of a 24- year-old paramedic steven forbes himself a father of two. >> i hear a bunch of people yelling. everybody is yelling and screaming and clapping. and when i saw the hole that she went down, i thought that you know, holly would have a tough time going. it would be a tight squeeze for her too. >> reporter: the drilling crew left without fanfare. and children strained against their mothers for a look into the deep rescue shaft. >> you take right here, this is as close as you're going to get. >> reporter: a few feet away, the impossibly tiny well was capped after being filled with concrete. the steel plate inscribed with a welded goodbye from the
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ordinary people who fell in love. jessica had six operations one of them removed the little toe from her right foot so people were not surprised to see her riding in a wagon. they were surprised to see this. >> the parents want to say once again, thanks to everyone. we want to wish you a happy thanksgiving because we know we will have one. thanks to the graciousness of some brave men and the grace of god, we have our baby back. >> she lost part of her right foot and has undergone 15 surgeries as a result of the time in that pipe. she has no firsthand memories of what happened. in 2006 she married a man 13 years her senior and is now jessica morales. the couple lives just two miles
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from the the site where jessica was stuck in that well. they have two children. $800,000 in donations were put into a trust fund that jessica could access when she turned 25 years old. jessica mcclure morales has said she plans to use that money for her children's college education. still to come on a second look, remembering the sofas. how a young couple survived more than a week stranded in the snow. and a bit later the silican valley big rig who survived four days in the hands of kidnappers.
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tonight on a second look we remember people who have had a season of thanksgiving in their lives. in 1993 a young couple with a young baby were traveling from the bay area to idaho when they were stranded on a remote snow covered road north of reno. for more than a week the search intensified for jane and jennifer. joe stoler has this report
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after the stopa's emerged from their ordeal safe but not entirely sound. >> we can stay here and die and not do anything or try to do something. and die that way. so we did what we could and we tried to get out of there. >> reporter: last tuesday the stolpa's turned north from their intended route and chose highway 289 to cut through the snow bound sierra. they road the two lanes road signs declare the back country highway through this path in the warner mountains. migrating geese are among the few living things able to survive the harsh winters here. this part of the high desert appears more like antartica. late tuesday their truck bogged in the snow in an area a highway patrolman described as a middle of nowhere. the family stayed with the truck running the engine to keep warm but in five days and
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nights no one drove by. >> just really concerned about running out of gas in the truck and freeze to death or starve to death or if anybody was going to come get us. we were just worried about our family was worried about us. >> reporter: they decided to hike for help and they hiked unknowingly in the direction of one of the most remote wilderness areas. through waist high snow drifts carrying a sleeping bag, a little food and their baby. >> we had them wrapped in a regular sleeping back folded in half and he was inside that inside of a baby sleeping back, inside a bunch of nighties and sleepers. then i had hooked him on my belt. he liked it. he cried if i stopped. >> he would keep up the pace.
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but i would be so tired and i would be so discouraged when we could come around another mountain and the highway still bunt there. i would start losing faith. and he was behind me pushing me the whole way. >> i told her, we're not doing it for me, we're not doing it for you we're doing it for the baby. as soon as we can get there we can have some breakfast or food or something. >> reporter: after 12 exhausting miles they found a rock out crop in what turned out to be hell's canyon. jennifer and the baby wrapped in the sleeping bag, james went for help. >> i was just hoping that a coyote was not going to come and try to kick me out. other than that, it was cramped quarters but we kept warm enough. >> they had already run out of food. jennifer nursed baby clay she ate snow. >> it was really hard. it was scary wondering whether or not he would make it by himself. >> i was worried the same way hoping that they would make it because they had no food.
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>> what did you say to her when you left? any final words of encouragement? >> we just said i love you, this that or the other. gave her a kiss. put the garment bag over the cave. and i promised her that i would make it. >> reporter: by now james had realized they had gone the wrong direction. he backtracked toward the truck, apparently got lost, circled around a couple more times and finally afterslugging through the snow for another 22 hours he waved his arms at a road maintenance plow operator. >> it takes a lot of man to do what he did and walked the distances that he walked in the conditions that exist here. he was coherent, real alert. able to fairly pin point the location of where he had left his wife and child in the cave on the side of the hill h. >> he is more than a hero to me. he is. he is. i don't think i could have
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picked anyone better. he has the courage and drive to get us out of there and he promised me he would and he did. and he will always be my hero. when we come back on a second look, a silican valley pioneer tells the story of his four days in the hands of kidnappers. >> and a bit later finding new life after surviving a jump from the golden gate bridge.
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. we've seen it in the movies, we've read about it in the newspaper. but what is it really like to be kidnapped and held for ransom. there's a man in the south bay who knows by firsthand experience. he was abducted and held for four days he didn't know if he would live or die. bob mackenzie first brought us his story in 2008. >> reporter: he lived life many
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people just dream of. lived in a gorgeous estate. he is the founder of and brain behind adobe systems. but something happened 16 years ago that took away the gueske's sense of security. probably for life. chuck gueske was arriving at his office at adobe on may 26, 1982 when he was approached by two men in the parking lot one of them carrying a map. >> he walked over and i said can i help you. he moved the map over and he had a gun and said you're coming with me. he put a pair of patches and dark eyeglasses so nobody could see i was blindfolded. >> can you say what your feelings were like at the time? >> pretty terrified.
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i had never seen a gun like that. >> he would be held captive first in a motel room then in a rented house. both naturalized americans born in the middle east. >> they talked about feeding me to the sharks if my family didn't cooperate with them and things of that kind. >> reporter: and gueske was worried when chuck did not come home. then they got a call from the kidnappers. they wanted $16 million in ransom. >> i remember sitting at the table and thinking, i have to stay calm and i did remain
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calm. >> reporter: she called chuck's partner. he told her to call the fbi. >> we're watching you 24 hours and we know everything about you. any stupid move and you will have your dad back in pieces. i told your mom yesterday what we need is $650,000 in $100 bills. >> okay. >> the money must be circulated and marks and placed. >> you should have the money by june 5th. that will give you seven business days from tomorrow. >> the call was from the ring leader of the pair albucari he demanded that kathie place the money under a light pole. rasanier ran the fbi s.w.a.t. team. an fbi s.w.a.t. team was stationed along the
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beach. kathie gueske dropped off the money. the fbi searched through the night. back at the rented house, charles gueske chained up and blindfolded feared for his life. albakari had left him with sayei and told sayei if i'm not back by 4:00 a.m. go to plan b. it was clear that plan b was to kill gueske and leave the house. >> it was the first time i really believed i was a dead man. and it's interesting it changes your prayer. up until then i had been praying really hard to make sure my family was okay. to ask that i somehow be released or get away or have this thing turn out to be successful. and at that time, during that time period my prayer changed. and the prayer became, you know god it's whatever you're going to decide to do and i'm going to put my life in your hands. and once i did that, i actually felt like i came to peace.
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>> reporter: next morning, tom la farney and another agent stationed themselves. >> we saw an individual walking across the agricultural fields. we noticed as he started getting closer that he was wet from about his thighs down. we took our vehicles and we drove on down and we intercepted him down here and pulled him over and detained him. >> it was albacari he told the agents where to find gueske. he told them he tossed the money in the ocean. but a thorough search turned up the money, $650,000 hidden under a log. rick lack was the fbi agent who directed the rescue operation as a s.w.a.t. team carefully closed in on the holster house. >> the other kidnapper made a bright forward when he approached. he was arrested in san benito
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street. agents went in and found mr. gueske in a room in a closet chained up out there. >> all of a sudden i felt two hands in my face and a fellow saying hi i'm taylor with the fbi. i'm sorry i don't believe you. he said really i'm larry taylor and i'm with the fb irk. - - fbi. at this point i had tape all over my face. he started to take it off. i moved his hand and pulled it off. and he did not look like any of the two other kidnappers and i said, show me your badge. i have no idea why i said that. >> when you first saw chuck what did you say? >> we had one big group hug. it was unbelievable. we were just shaking and we could not believe our good fortune. >> these are the kind of cases you join the fbi for, bob. >> for many years the gueske's
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kept silent about their ordeal. they've decided to tell their story in hopes it will help people who have faced extreme crisis. and he decided to jump off the golden gate bridge, how it changed his life. inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday.
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many people find suicide hard to understand. they've never been to a place where hopelessness made suicide the best way out. bob mackenzie talked to a man who tried to kill himself and failed. a young man who wanted to explain to others that no matter how dark it seems if you hang on things can get better. >> reporter: no one knows exactly how many people have jumped off the golden gate bridge. the bridge district stopped releasing statistics seven years ago when the official number neared 1,000.
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but of all those jumpers only 10 have lived. only four can walk. kevin hines is one of those four. on september 25, 2000, kevin walked on to the bridge. mentally ill, hearing mysterious voices and in the grip of an unshakable depression he had a compulsion to end his life he was 18 years old. >> when i got here, i was crying my eyes out. and i just kept telling myself you must die, you must die. and a voice in my head kept saying the exact same thing and i said i don't want to do this. don't do this. walk away. if you do this it's over. you're 18, you're dead. about five people to my right, seven people to my left. i turned around looked at the traffic. turned back to the bay and hurdled over the bridge. >> twinkle, twinkle little star. >> reporter: kevin's life has been very lucky in some ways, very unlucky in others. born to mentally ill parents he went to a foster home.
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but then he was adopted by a well to do san francisco couple who loved children so much that they adopted three of them. kevin's adoptive father was a bank president and business genius. the adopted children got all the love and material things that kids could love. kevin was sickly, allergies and asthma. despite that he made the high school football team. his teammates never knew he would be suffering of bipolar illness. doctors tried to find the right combinations of drugs to help him. kevin's adoptive dad remembers that day. >> the prior night he was in a terrible state. i hasn't even called his doctor and the next morning he woke up and he was very calm. i said i will drive you to school and i will pick you up and he said, that would be
11:26 pm
fine. but you know he was very calm. >> reporter: kevin went to class but left. he walked to the bridge and upped. >> there you are in the -- he walked to the bridge and jumped. >> there you were in the air. >> i was in the air and i said i don't want to die. i said the only way for me to survive this if at all is to hit feet first. so i twisted my body in the air. got feet first. hit the body feet first. i had boots on so the water threaded through the boots. it didn't shatter my legs. it shattered a vertibrae in my back. i was conscious, i knew who i was, where i was. i was frightened for my life. i thought a shark is going to
11:27 pm
bite me. i'm going to drown, i'm going to be paralyzed i didn't know what was going to go on. >> reporter: somehow kevin was able to stay afloat for the 10 minutes that it took for a boat to reach him. when he arrived at the hospital kevin was very nearly dead. but by some miracle though his back was broken in several places his spinal cord was intact. and something had finally happened, for the first time in months kevin hines wanted to live. >> the phone rang and a nurse came through. he said mr. hines, i said yes. she said your son has just jumped off the golden gate bridge. i said is he alive, she said yes. and i said i will be right there. i hung up the phone and i believed he was dead. i went through the doors and there he was. he was in a splint, i walked up
11:28 pm
to him and he said i'm sorry. he was alive. >> reporter: thanks to superb medical work, kevin can look to a normal life though he still has back pain. he has his mental health under control. >> i still hear voices, they're just kind of annoying they are there. i can't make out what they say. for the most part i've been depression free for 17 months and i'm really proud of that because i fought long and hard to make it that way. >> kevin will go back to college in the fall and wants a career in the theater. in a way committing suicide saved his life. >> it's been an amazing journey for me. and i'm just glad to be here. >> and that's it for this week's second look. i'm julie haener, thank you for watching.
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